Classic Koalkeeper
Save Time Keep the fire in your woodstove, fireplace or campsite going indefinitely without relighting
Increase Safety
Keeps hot embers out of the ash bucket
Save Money Reduce need for expensive fire starting products
Multi-purpose Helpful Accessory in Dutch Oven Cooking

A quote from a product review about the
“This is the most useful fireplace tool that I own. Wish I had known about it (and Lehman's ) years ago.”
T.M. Olsen, Texas - 10/28/2010
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Why a KoalKeeper® ?
KoalKeeper® enables the user to quickly, cleanly and effectively sift the remains of a fire and recover the live embers from the ash. The live embers are then used to rekindle the fire without having to start over from scratch.

How is KoalKeeper® used?
KoalKeeper® is used in concert with existing fireplace accessories. The entire process takes place inside the woodstove, fireplace or campfire to prevent accidents or mess and takes only a few minutes.
Live Ember / Ash mixture
Step 1:
Move ember/ash mixture to one side of the fire area with the conventional shovel
Sifting mixture with KoalKeeper
Step 2:
Scoop some of the ember/ash mixture with the
KoalKeeper® and gently agitate. The ash will fall through the grid leaving the live embers. Place the recovered embers in the area cleared from Step 1. Repeat until all mixture has been sifted.
Embers in center of fire area
Step 3:
Remove ash with the conventional shovel and place it in an appropriate storage container. Then move embers to center of fire area
Revitalized fire burns brightly Step 4:
Restoke the fire with kindling and other wood. Keep well ventilated until flames are strong.
Video of Step by Step demonstration:

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