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 Marc and Donna

Given the unusual harshness of this past winter - one that included several area power outages from ice storms - we were so pleased to have the use of the KoalKeeper. The KoalKeeper is by far the best solution we've seen for preserving hot coals in our woodstove; which, as you can imagine, was fired up much more than usual. The medium fine mesh of the screen retained all but the tiniest coals when it came time to clear out the ash. This helped reassure us that our ash bucket was safer than in the past. Consequently, there is no doubt that the KoalKeeper is a great compliment to our existing fireplace tool set.

Donna M. and Marc L., High Point, NC

Mike T. Pfafftown, NC

I have a forced-air wood furnace. After retrieving the hot coals with the KoalKeeper and putting in more wood, the fire comes right back to life. I can go from no fire to blazing in about two minutes!

Mike T., Pfafftown, NC

 Beth B., Winston-Salem, NC
I am an average home fireplace user and fire starting is not one of my favorite things to do, so once I get it going I don’t like to have to restart it. I use store bought firestarters and kindling to get fires started and using the KoalKeeper kept my fires going longer without my having to restart them. Not having to start new fires so often cuts these costs in half.

Beth B., Winston-Salem, NC
Nelson M., Bramerton, WA

We did get to try the KoalKeeper out in the camping environment. We found that it works great, just as I had anticipated. I was able to shift coals around at night to make the fire smaller and safer. In the morning it proved to be even better as you can get the remaining coals up to start a fire faster and easier. Your have a great idea and should prove to be a great success. Good luck.

Nelson M., Bremerton, WA
Carl F.

I bought a koalkeeper for myself and some family members. I live in a farm house that is close to 100 years old. As old houses go, there is a draft that flows through out the house. The house has 4 fireplaces and I use them to help keep the house warm. I would have to restart the
fire in the morning and sometimes during the night. Now that I have a koalkeeper, I can sift through the ashes and get to the hot coals. The koalkeeper saves me a tremendous amount of time and is safer than having to restart the fire with kindling. The koalkeeper works!

Carl F.
Walkertown, NC


I received my koalkeeper in the mail yesterday. I literally opened the box and put it to work. It does exactly what I need it to do. today I came home, after a 10 hour work day, and immediately went to the fireplace in order to separated my coals from the ash. by pushing everything to one side and then using the koalkeeper to sift out the coals, I was left with a decent pile of both alive (hot) and dead (but still good) coals. I threw some wood on the pile of coals, then gave it a good blast of air, and whamoo i had fire. Hopefully, people will become aware of the great potential of the KoalKeeper. I use the thing everyday.

Corey W. Ohio

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KoalKeeper® from International Duch Oven Society
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Here is an E-mail from a recent new customer:

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From: Mike & Sue ****** [mailto:******]
Sent: Monday, December 07, 2009 10:30 AM
To: Robert Jacobson (HY-C)
Subject: thank you

I hope you can pass on this thanks to Paul Marley, and to your own
company for the partnership that makes the KoalKeeper available. It
is exactly the tool I had in mind when I searched the internet to see
if someone made such a tool.
Sincerely, Sue ******

God is our refuge and strength
Psalm 46
Mike & Sue ******

Balto MD 21229

Here is a screen grab from Lehman's Product Review:
Lehmans product review

On Mon, Dec 13, 2010 at 10:35 AM, Linda Stephenson <***************> wrote:

I tried out the KoalKeeper over the weekend and I LOVE it ! There has always been a problem trying to save the live embers and not getting a bunch of ash at the same time. You have to pick through the ash with tongs. Can’t wait to show off this new tool at our next gathering and/or competition.

Linda Stephenson – Dutch Oven Stuff

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